Dad’s Way To Celebrate Mom’s First Mother’s Day

With your wife’s first mother day around the corner, she deserves only the very best on her first Mother’s Day. To make this happen, you must have a game plan to surprise her with immense pleasure in a major way. After all, she has endured pregnancy, childbirth and countless sleepless night during her first year as a Mom. So, why not pamper her with something awesome that will make her happy.

Escape from Culinary

Breakfast in bed is a good idea to consider. We are not sure whether it is the breakfast or the fact that she gets to sleep more than usual in the morning. But serving yummy breakfast in bed is a good idea. A romantic dinner at home after the Baby is asleep will make her really happy.

Get Crafty


You do not need lot of time or imagination to come up with a genuine gift for your wife on her first Mother’s Day. A good photo frame with favourite picture of your wife and baby is a sweet gesture. Consider making a photo album with pictures of your new family.

Set-up Spa at Home

Being a new Mom is emotionally and physically very tiring. Help her to gradually relax and de-stress with relaxing massage at home, keeping in mind your wife’s physical and emotional needs. The key to an enjoyable massage is to use smooth and flowing strokes.

Make a Card

It may be a year or two until your child is drawing Mother’s Day cards. But that does not mean that your child cannot give card to his Mom. Buy a Mother’s Day card from a store and write a message as if it is coming from your Baby.

Give Gift Sleep

Mom wants sleep more than anything. So, why not give her much needed and uninterrupted snooze time?


It is not always true that best gifts cost considerable sum of money. But if you want to invest in a splurge-worthy gift, then take some time to think about what would hold meaning for her, and her only. Whatever the gift is, the most important thing is that you put your thought into it.

Mother’s Day Playlist

Mothers have been the subject of many songs. Prepare a playlist which is full of songs that represent your wife’s new life as a mama so she can chill out with headphones on while you babysit your little one.


Day of Pampering

There is a possibility that your busy new mama probably has not had time to spoil herself much ever since giving birth. So, send her to her favourite salon or spa where she can enjoy a blowdry, mani/pedi or all facial. Or promise to arrange a babysitter so the two of you can meet up after primping for a nice dinner, sans baby.

Family Photo Shoot

Surprise your wife by booking a professional photographer to capture her First Mother’s day with a family shoot. Make sure your wife will feel like both she and your home are camera ready. Sometimes the best picture are the ones that capture genuine moments between you, your wife and the little child.

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